Bamboo Joint Teapot Set with Infuser

Product Description

  • Capacity: Pot: 180 ml; Cups: 55 ml each
  • Dimension: teapot-82x72x139mm;   cups:61x61x42mm
  • Package: Green Hand-Carrying Box + Red Gift Bag
  • 2-4 Working Days Delivery



Colour : Olive Green
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Bamboo Joint Teapot Set Design Idea

Do you know bamboo is a symbol of traditional Chinese values? It represents the character of moral integrity, resistance and modesty. Our Bamboo Teapot Set is designed to illustrate the spirit of this value.

Tea Ceremony Make It Easy! Tea making is not rocket science. On the contrary, it should be enjoyable and straightforward. Came with a tea infuser and a hand-carrying bag, our latest Bamboo Joint Teapot Set allows you to perform a tea ceremony either indoors or outdoors.

Step 1: Add 2g, approximately one teaspoon of loose leaf tea into the teapot.
Step 2, Use 80-90 degree water for long curly-leaf buds tea, such as our Oriental Beauty Tea and 90-95 degree water for oolong tea.
Step 3: Brew for 5-8 minutes Then you are all set




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  1. Avatar of Samra F

    Samra F

    The Bamboo teapot set is a delightful combination of beauty and functionality. Its elegant design coupled with a precise infuser, ensures a seamless tea brewing experience. With its high-quality ceramic construction, the teapot set is a charming addition to any tea lover’s collection.

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What Makes Acera Tumbler Unique?

  • Our elegant mugs are made of ceramic and coated with white tourmaline.  Have you heard about tourmaline? It is a semi-precious rare gemstone, suggested carrying a permanent electrical charge. Hence, when subjected to heat, it releases beneficial far infrared rays and negative ions. Subsequently, the infrared rays and ions help in the purification process and minimise the water’s molecule. As a result, that reduction size of the molecule provides for a more purified taste and improved absorption of water into the human body. Furthermore, liquids in tourmaline become softer and more favourable as they acquire an alkaline character. Let drinking water stand for 1-3 minutes, the smell of chlorine will reduce or disappear. Water will become Ionized and more alkaline. 
  • The Lid: The inner silica gel in the wood grain cover has passed SGS food safety testing which prevents the water lead from the mugs.
  • Thermal Mugs: keep warm for 1 to 1.5 hours.

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Tourmaline + Ceramic How does it work?

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Drinks taste different! I received "The Starry Night Tumbler" travel mug as a gift from my girlfriend. The mug came in beautiful packaging, which looks perfect for that gift to someone special. When looking at it, this tumbler is elegant and captivating. When holding it, it feels very comfortable to the hand and smooth. I was a bit skeptical about the Tourmaline properties this product claims, but after trying, I can tell the drinks taste different. You won't go back to your old mug!!
Salvador M.
A great service from Art Tea and Vessels in delivering my two elegant and stylish travel mugs on time for Christmas. Having tested them with tea, coffee, whiskey and red wine, I can now tell the difference in taste; the flavour is definitely smoother and slightly more intense when drinking from these gorgeous looking travel mugs. The travel mugs are also catching people’s eyes with their gorgeous bright colours schemes and patterns so feel privileged to have already two in my collection!!
Head of Engineering
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