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Started in 2016, we aimed to provide the most authentic Asian tea, high-quality ceramic tumbler to the UK and the EU customers.
We focus on Oolong Tea from one of the best tea origins in the world in Taiwan. 
Our ceramic mugs brand-Acera Liven, has been in traditional handcraft for nearly 30 years. Every artwork is crafted with selected high-quality materials and goes through 72 steps under rigorous control of multi-stage quality inspection. Moreover, all our ceramic tumblers are glazed with tourmaline, a semi-precious gemstone, making the liquids’ molecules smaller and gives the drinks noticeable flavors.
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Our Mission


Our mission is to provide our customers with the best beverage drinking experience. We also aimed to reduce the one-off usage of cups and packaging wastes. That’s why we use simple and elegant product packages and environmentally friendly packaging materials.  Besides, to minimise the packaging junk, sometimes we reuse cardboard boxes or bubble wraps for our outer delivery packaging. 



Our Philosophy

I wanted to promote the health benefits and sustainability credentials of our unique products. In particular, I wish one day Art of Tea & Vessels’ name would pop up in people’s minds when looking for the best Asian tea and ceramic mugs.  For this reason, we will continue offering the most authentic Asian tea and ceramic drink wares to our customers.

Auspicious Dragon Tumbler

Our Stories

I met our product supplier, Acera, at a business event in Taiwan. I realised that Acera has collaborated with many renowned international artists, museums, and organisations. They customed boutique for these institutions that have won several product design awards across Europe and Asia.

Check the below link to see one of the awards Acera has rewarded.

Our Supplier, Acera’s Craftsmanship

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