About Liven Clay

The creation of LIVEN CLAY series can be traced back to more than 7000 years from the Neolithic era in Beixin. We continue to honour the rich cultural heritage of LIVEN CLAY’s origins while updating its design elements for a contemporary audience. Our artisans apply modern pottery technology to create cups, mugs and tumblers distinguished by their soft and simple elegant shape and inviting textures. “Live soil”, newly developed by our supplier is made of soil from this ancient formation.


LIVEN CLAY products made by modern pottery technology uses natural materials to continue cultural heritage, and shape artistic sentiment in life. In terms of technology, LIVEN CLAY series products display its beauty in earth-toned simple glazing colours, refined shape, texture full of spirituality, and feature good plasticity of our unique clay.

Free from superiors’ decoration, the products highlight truth and nature. Their tranquillity calms busy people, and display the elegance and nobility of LIVEN CLAY products. This enjoyable and refreshing pottery is the competitive product of our supplier.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality teas and drinkware to offer our customers the best drinking experience because water is essential to us. Besides, we also aimed to reduce one-off usage cups and packaging wastes for environmental and health-conscious clients and help to save our earth.  It means that sometimes we reuse the cardboard boxes or bubble wraps in our delivery packaging.

Our Vision

To help accelerate the world’s frustration to a healthy, sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Our Philosophy

I wanted to promote the health benefits and sustainability credentials of our unique products. In particular, I wish one day Art of Tea & Vessels’s name would pop up to people’s mind when they are looking for the best Asian tea and ceramic mugs.  For this reason, we will continue offering the most authentic Asian tea and ceramic tumblers to our customers.

Our Stories

I met our product supplier, Acera, at a business event in Taiwan. I realised that Acera has collaborated with many renowned international artists, museums, and organisations. They customed boutique for these institutions that have won several product design awards across Europe and Asia.

Check the below link to see one of the awards Acera has rewarded.


“When I saw these beautifully designed ceramic travel mugs, I couldn’t help falling in love with them! Clearly, I always think everybody deserves to have a good quality of lifestyle as we’ve been working so hard since we were born. Indeed, if we know how to appreciate the original design of the artworks and bring the artisan element to our daily routine, our life would be so much better!”