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Supreme Dong-Ding Oolong Tea

Supreme Dong-Ding Oolong Tea Product Descriptions

Dong- Ding Oolong Tea is One of The Most Popular Oolong Teas

A translation of Dong Ding is “Frozen Summit” or “Icy Peak”, and is the name of the mountain in Taiwan where the tea is cultivated. The mountain is located in the Lugu region of Nantou County in central Taiwan.

Dong Ding is typically composed of 3-4 leaves, sometimes including a bud and mostly picked by hand. Afterwards, the tea undergoes a withering process, either outside, indoors, or a combination of both. After that, the leaves are tossed and bruised on large bamboo baskets, which begins the oxidation process. Final rolling undertook either by hand or by machine. Consequently, a final firing sets the oxidation typically somewhere between 15%-30% oxidation, sometimes over charcoal. As a result of the complex process, it gives the tea toasty, woody and fruity notes. (Wikipedia).

G: Weight: 150 g

🛍Packaging: Vacuum-sealed aluminium foil bag in an eco-friendly tea tin

🦐Taste: fragrant flower and woody foretaste with a marvellous floral aftertaste

♨️Aroma: Exotic flowers and smoky

🍃The appearance of the tea leaf: Green rolled bold pellets

☕️Colour of Tea: Brown

🌼Season: 2020 spring tea

🥘Roasted: 20%

☀️Oxidation: semi-oxidised

🏔Elevation: 1100 M

🌴Origin: Lugu, Taiwan


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Choose Your Tea Based on Your Preference

There are two key factors that decide the tastes and aroma of the teas.

  1. Roasting Process-Tea leaves contain natural sucrose sugar and the roasting process extracts the sweetness aroma and taste from the tea. Among all types of teas, only Oolong Tea goes through roasting process and Taiwan is the best in Oolong Tea. 
  2. Oxidisation Process: this process also decides the tea beverage colours, aroma, and flavours. 
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What is Oolong Tea?

Oolong Tea is a traditional semi-oxidised Chinese tea category. It produces through a process including withering the plant under strong oxidation. Among all the origins, Taiwanese Oolong Tea is famous for the premium high mountain Oolong Tea. But, are you wondering why Taiwan produces higher grade teas?

Firstly, it’s about weather and geographic conditions.  Taiwan’s climate is very variable during four seasons.  Besides, it has many high, steep mountains with diverse weather conditions. Moreover, the altitude and soil are different too.  These factors cause differences in tea leave appearance, aroma, and it gives the tea multiple flavours.

Carefully hand-selected using only the most delicate leaves, this tea offers a deliciously golden-yellow liquor with the most wonderful jasmine-sweet flavour. What’s more, it provides the most refreshing and satisfying infusion, which suits any time of the day.

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Oolong Tea Brewing Guide

teapot, pot, stencil-41501.jpg

water amount

Tea to water ratio: 1g tea: 100 ml water
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Water Temperature

– 90-95°C for bold pellets tea
– 80-90°C for long curly-leaf buds teas
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Brewing time

– 8 mins for bold pellets tea
– 5 mins for long curly-leaf buds teas
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