One-O-One Tumbler-2016 Red Dot Best of The Best Product Award-7 Colours

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Award-Winning!! The One-o-One tumbler 2016 Red Dot Best of The Best Product Award

The One-O-One tumbler named after a famous iconic skyscraper- Taipei One-o-One.  Because the design interprets perfectly the stunning checkered facade of the building, it impressed the judges, therefore, won the award. Furthermore, we named the tumbler “Dreamy Starry Sky”  to capture the infinite joie de vivre that new adventures hold.

Imagine you start your thousand-mile journey with your Dreamy Starry Sky Tumbler; you are sure to appreciate these stylish mugs no matter where your travels lead.

Capacity: 350 ml
Insulation: Double Wall

Dimensions: 2.7 ” x 7.2 ” H

Package: Mint Gift Box + Gift Bag

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The Designer of One-O-One Dreamy Starry Sky Tumbler

This series artfully integrates traditional Chinese ceramic craftsmanship with modern European fashion. It also comes with classy and contemporary accents in several trendy colours.

Moreover, our ceramic mugs/cups all coated with white tourmaline. It is a semi-precious rare gemstone that suggested carrying a permanent electrical charge. As a result, the tourmaline releases beneficial far infrared rays and negative ions that helps in the purification process and minimizes the water’s molecule.

One-O-One Tumbler Product Information

    • Tourmaline: Our elegant mugs are made of ceramic and coated with white tourmaline.  Have you heard about tourmaline? It is a semi-precious rare gemstone, suggested carrying a permanent electrical charge. Hence, when subjected to heat, it releases beneficial far infrared rays and negative ions. Subsequently, the infrared rays and ions help in the purification process and minimise the water’s molecule. As a result, that reduction size of the molecule provides for a more purified taste and improved absorption of water into the human body. Furthermore, liquids in tourmaline become softer and more favourable as they acquire an alkaline character. 
    • Function: the ceramic made travel mugs suitable for all types of drinks, including water, coffee, tea, juice, wine and spirits.
    • The Lid: The inner silica gel in the wood grain cover has passed SGS food safety testing, which prevents the water lead from the mugs.
    • Thermal Mugs: keep warm for 1 to 1.5 hours.
    • Click this link to learn more about Liven Technology
    • Watch this video to learn more




How to Brew Loose Leaf  Tea Without A Strainer or Infuser by A Tumbler?

Have you ever wondered how to brew loose leaf tea? Our theory is straightforward!  Let every piece of the loose leaf tea has the opportunity to steep in the water properly. In particular, when you are having high-quality whole leaf tea and you want to make the most of it, try to create enough space in the mug for the tea to brew. A tea infuser or strainer can limit the room for the tea to immerse in the water. Don’t mind having whole leaf teas bumping your lips.

Follow the simple steps, and the delicious tea is ready for you!

  • Step 1: We suggest you wear a Travel Mug Silicone Sleeve on the mug to prevent the hands burn. If you don’t have one, our double-wall travel mug should be able to keep you safe. Or, you can leave the cup on the table for about 5 minutes after adding the hot water and before you hold it again.

Transparent organic silicone sleeve for travel mug/ tumbler

  • Step2: Add 35g, approximately one full teaspoon bold pellets of loose leaf tea, and one full tablespoon long-leaf bud loose leaf teas in the mug.
  • Step 3: Boil the water to the desired degree between 80-95 degrees, depending on the type of tea:
  1. 80-90 degrees of the water for long curly-leaf buds teas such as our Oriental Beauty and Red-Jade Black Tea.
  2. 90-95 degrees for bold pellets tea such as High-Mountain Oolong tea and Dong-Ding Oolong Tea.
  • Step 4: Pour the water up until 80-90%  full to the mug directly, so all the leaves have chances to immerse in the water. Drinking tea from our tourmaline tumbler to improve the water purification process and minimises the water’s molecule. You will find the tea flavour is more distinct and tastier.
  • Step 5: 5 minutes for the bold pellets tea to brew and 8 minutes for the long-leaf bud teas to brew. Re-steep at least one time after you finish this mug of tea.

Want a cup of Tea to go?

Get a Flip Top Infuser Lid so you can drink your tea in your car or on the move. For those who don’t like having tea leaves on the lips while drinking tea, this lid also has an infuser to filter the tea but not limited the space for the tea to brew. But always drink slowly to prevent the mouth burn.


Tea Leaf Shape Water Temperature Brewing Time Re-Steeping Times Infuser or


Long Curly Buds 80°C-90°C 5 mins 2-3 Usually no, only at the end of the package is there are some fine leaves left
Bold Pellets 90°C-95°C 8 mins 2-3 No
Blended 80°C-90°C 5 mins 1 Yes

Additional information

Weight 450 g
Dimensions 6.9 × 6.9 × 17.2 cm
Cleaning and Maintenance

For Best Results
■ To prevent children from being scalded, and avoid ceramic products falling or breaking, please keep the products at the place that children cannot reach.
■ Pour hot water into the tumbler for about 80% full, and leave for steam circulation.
■ To avoid leaking, make sure the cap is properly tightened.
■ Please clean your product and cap by hand thoroughly after using them, and put them separately to dry.
■ Do not put the product in microwave ovens, because that might damage the double wall insulation.
■ It is suggested to use our tumbler sleeves when using the single-wall tumblers to insulate the heat of hot water.
■ Consumables, such as tumbler caps, if in a poor condition after long-term use, are purchasable in our online shop.
■ The ceramic products and the tumbler caps should be clean with sponges or special scouring pads. Do NOT use stainless steel scrubbing pads that may damage the glazed surfaces.
■ Avoid using isopropyl rubbing alcohol or other solvents to clean the faux wood lids.


Black, China Red, Green, Mocha Brown, Rose Pink, White, Stone Blue


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