This was our first tea showcase opportunity in U.K.! It was an amazing experience to join the business-networking event in England! We showcased our Organic Oolong Tea, which imported from Taiwan. Taiwanese High-mountain Oolong Tea, which is precious because of the rare production and is also acknowledged as the best quality tea in Asia. We introduced the benefit of Oolong Tea, and also offered different types of tea for customers to taste. Our tea was a very refreshing drink with the sweet aftertaste that was enjoyed by everyone at our event.

The most important was that we got some awesome feedback from our customers. They can taste and discover the difference between different flavours. They said that when they drank it, they found out the leaves revealed new stages of flavour each time they are infused, and different tastes would come through. Through this event, we knew that people in U.K. enjoyed tasting the tea, and we also had the idea that they like the original flavour most. It was a fabulous event, and we had a great time with the customers.